The CORTEZ United Methodist Church
Pastor's page:  Art Yetter
Here is a picture of my wife (Keely) and I.  Keely is a big part of my ministry and a great support in all that I do for the church.

I began preaching at Cortez on April 10, 2005 and have been blessed with a group of people who understand and share in the Spirit of the Lord.
My goal is to try and help people understand the awesome power and glory of God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit and to make worship as comfortable and meaningful as possible.  I am a strong believer in tradition, but I also like many of the contemporary ways to worship the Lord.  I welcome any suggestions for improving or making our worship services more inviting and exciting.

I believe a church is for and about people and encourage everyone to share in the services through Scripture reading, singing, witnessing, communion and anything else that people wish to share.  A church is NOT about the pastor.  It is truly the Holy Spirit who guides our service, not me.
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